Domain was registered in 2020 and founded since December 2015. This domain is maintained by two webmistresses: Aelyn and Cerine both in charge of fanlisting designs, coding and maintainance. We house mainly anime and video game subjects, as well as other sections approved by The Fanlistings and The Anime Fanlistings. This fanlisting hub is also part of the Celestial Oracle Studio.

Enamour has gone through major phases over the years; it was a precursor to Sky Tempest and Skylude. In short, it's main purpose is to showcase our fanlisting subjects we love, but it's deeper purpose is that it serves as our creative outlet. Our work ethic is about quality over quantity because each subjects are uniquely designed as we take pride of our work.

Name: the origins

How the name Enamour came to be.

The term enamor is the standard spelling in American English, and enamour is standard everywhere else; both have the same meaning. Enamour with the letter "u" had a more aesthetic part to the word, whereas the term enamor without it felt lacklustre. The name was chosen simply because we love certain subjects and the name was perfect for our domain name. This is how this site became to be.

en- (prefix) - in
-amour (suffix) - love
definition - be filled with a feeling of love for; to inspire with love

Design: the creation

About the latest domain layout.

You are currently viewing the first version of Enamour featuring Kaiou Michiru (Sailor Neptune) in her princess and super form from the series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Although this design is mainly supposed to be a spring theme, it was too beautiful not to complete it. The design is mainly based off of floral, peach/seaform pastel color, with a hint of vintage-like theme. This layout was inspired by: Gate 7, Shinshi Doumei Cross and Prismatic. This layout was coded in Notepad and is best viewed on 1600x900 screen resolution or higher.
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Last modified: March 26, 2023