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Apples Bacon Bagels Bananas Bento Bread: Garlic Brownies Cake Cheese Cheese Sticks Cheese: Cream Cheesecake Chicken and Biscuits Chinese Food Chips and Salsa Chocolate Chocolate: White Citrus: Oranges Coca-Cola Coffee Coffee: Iced Cotton Candy Cupcakes / Fairy Cakes Dippin' Dots Donuts/Doughnuts Eggs Food Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Ice Cream Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Iced Tea: Thai Italian Food Italian Food Japanese Food Juice: Orange Kentucky Fried Chicken: Original Recipe Chicken Lasagna Mayonaise Mexican Food Mochi Mountain Dew Nutella Pancakes Pasta Pasta: Penne Pasta: Spaghetti Pie Pizza Pizza: Pepperoni Potatoes Rice Salad Shrimp Sushi Tea: Green/Matcha Tea: Iced Water
Last modified: October 06, 2023